Earthworks Counseling & Somatic Therapy

Offering empowering and restorative healing through trauma-informed integrative therapies that heal the nervous system and attend to the whole person. 

The world moves very quickly for most of us now and we must consciously slow down in order to make our own health and wellness a priority. If we haven't healed and released our own stresses or traumas, we have limited capacity for presence and can be easily triggered into fight, flight, freeze, or fawn. This can deeply affect our quality of life. When we're operating from these states of dysregulation, we aren't thinking clearly, and it's very difficult to relate to ourselves and to others from a place of emotional availability, receptivity and kindness.

Intentionally slowing down and allowing ourselves to be present and mindful with our bodies and our emotions helps to facilitate a greater depth of healing. By incorporating psychoeducation about the Autonomic Nervous System and Polyvagal Theory, consistently practicing mindfulness, and focusing on self-compassion, we assist clients while they discover and continue to develop their abilities to better manage their anxiety and overwhelm, and heal from past events still affecting them.

We specialize in "bottom-up" therapy modalities. It is our priority to provide a safe and empowering space by serving as attuned, supportive facilitators.

All sessions are by appointment only. All scheduling is done online through the website. Thanks for visiting!


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