Bodywork Office Policies


To allow every client their uninterrupted visit time, and to allow time to prepare the space for your visit, please arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Door will be locked until then. If you arrive early and door says “In Session”, please do not knock. Have a seat in the lobby and I’ll be with you at the time of your scheduled appointment. 


Massage Therapist will be wearing a mask at all times for client safety. Client will be required to wear a mask at all times for Massage Therapist's safety. 


If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please do your best to give a 24-hour notice. You will be unable to cancel your appointment through online scheduling if you need to cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment. Please call or text 937-559-8028 for cancellation if your appointment is less than 24 hours away. If canceling with less than 24 hour notice, a cancellation fee of half the dollar amount of the initially booked service will be charged to your credit card on file. Please be courteous and call or text if you are unable to make it to your appointment. Full amount of session cost will be charged to client's credit card if a no-call/no show occurs.  

If you realize you will be arriving late to your scheduled appointment, please send a text or call. There may be some times I can still work you into the schedule for your full session time. There will be other times I will not be able to, and it is better to reschedule.


Because Massage Therapy should not be performed under certain medical conditions, it is extremely important that the client states all known medical conditions, and answers all health questions honestly. A medical history update will be required annually, and a COVID-19 symptom check will be required before every visit. It is the client's responsibility to inform the Massage Therapist of any changes in health status. There are certain medications and medical conditions where massage therapy is contraindicated and will interfere with/affect medical treatment. All medical information is collected with the intention of ensuring the client receives the highest benefit from their Massage Therapy session. 

The client's personal health information will be collected in order to properly assess bodywork needs. All information provided will be kept confidential and follow HIPAA guidelines.

The massage performed in this office is intended for general wellness purposes- including stress reduction, relief from muscular tension or spasm, to facilitate soft tissue healing from injury, pain relief, the promotion of circulation, lymph activity and flexibility.

Massage Therapists/Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose illness, disease, or any other physical or mental disorder, do not prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals, nor do they perform spinal manipulations.  Massage Therapy and Reiki are not substitutes for medical care, and the client should see a doctor or other appropriate health care provider for diagnosis and treatment of any suspected medical problem.

There are potential risks of Massage Therapy,  including mild surface level bruising, and mild short term muscle soreness due to movement of irritating metabolic wastes.

The client has the right to refuse Massage Therapy/Reiki treatment at any time during the session.

The Massage Therapist has a right to stop Massage/Reiki session at any time if she deems appropriate.

A Licensed Massage Therapist/Reiki Practitioner will never touch genitals or other areas the client instructs not to have touched.

If the client experiences any discomfort or pain during their session, it is the client's responsibility to immediately inform the Massage Therapist so that adjustments can be made to their treatment.

Massage Therapy should never be performed while client is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. The client understands that they will be refused treatment if they appear obviously intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.


Client will be instructed to undress to comfort level, and to lie under the massage sheet and blankets provided. Client's body will remain completely covered throughout the massage, with only the body part that is being worked on exposed. Every effort will be made for the client to feel safe and unexposed. There are no negotiations on office draping policy. If client is not in agreement with office draping policy, it will serve the client best to seek another therapist. 


The Intuitive Body Reading given by Erin M. Lee represents individual, unique characteristics and circumstances and is delivered with the intention to promote general wellness through awareness. The information relayed and/or interpretations do not constitute diagnosis or prescribed treatment. At no time will Medical Massage Therapy be incorporated into a Body Reading session.


Massage Therapy is readily becoming covered by various health insurance companies more and more frequently. If you have a policy that covers massage therapy, please let me know. I am happy to email a treatment report, receipt, and CPT code for medical massage to you so that you may submit the information to your insurance company for reimbursement. No insurance billing is submitted in office. Payment is due at the time of service. 


Personal health information will be collected. All information that is provided by client will be kept confidential unless required by law. Per client's consent, medical information may be shared by the various care providers involved in care and treatment.

SE® Practitioners in Training do not diagnose illness, disease, or any mental disorder, do not prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals.

Trauma embodiment work can be a catalyst to emotional dysregulation, and client agress to having a working relationship with a mental health professional should they require additional support. If client does not have a mental health professional they are currently networked with, several recommendations will be provided.